Life Insurance: Protect Your Family

June 30, 2016


This hit home for daughter and son-in-law had their 2nd baby last week. So did 2 of their friends. My daughter and son-in-law and their friends have life insurance. Do you? Or someone you love?


Ask  yourself some tough questions: What would happen if you or your spouse or partner died? These situations would be devastating to your family. That’s where life insurance comes in.


Now imagine, there is no life insurance. You thought you were too young for something to happen. Or, I know i need it. I'll check into it later. There are many trivial excuses. However there are major reasons to get it: your spouse or partner, your kids. What would they do without your income, for daily living, buying food, gas, clothes? Could they stay in your home or would they have to move in with family? And forget about college or long term plans.


You need life insurance. You cannot afford to not have it. And you will be surprised by the low rates! Let's get started today! You gotta get it before you need it, cuz you can't get it when you need it! Let me help Protect Your Family. Call, contact, or drop by and see me. 



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