In These Uncertain Times...Why Should I Get Health Insurance?

January 23, 2017




Good question! Here are 3 reasons:


1. “Because you never know when you might get sick or hurt!”

Webster Dictionary defines insurance as a, “means (or way) of guaranteeing protection or safety.” Most of us have homeowner’s, renter’s or car insurance. The protection of you and your family's health is more important. Health, is one of our, if not the, most precious asset(s).


2. “To potentially prevent bankruptcy from medical bills.”

A multitude of studies found the number one reason people file for personal bankruptcy was because of medical bills.


3. “To get preventive care without having co-pays. “

The law requires all insurance companies to offer this. There is no better medicine than prevention. Instead of waiting for health symptoms to appear, having and using preventive care helps you take charge of your health and make the best decisions about it.


There are many more. My main point is; it is not political. It does not matter what party does this or that. What matters is taking care of and protecting you and your family from all the uncertainties life can bring.

Time is running out. January 31st, is the last day to get you and your family covered! Don't be a shoulda, woulda, coulda, person. You got to get it before you need it, because you can't get it after you need it! Call me, I will help you find the best solution, Tammy 586-604-7632

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